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Synchronized skating has just recently celebrated its 50th birthday and is the youngest of the figure skating disciplines. It consists of teams of 8 to 20 skaters skating in unison to music. Synchronized skating combines athleticism and artistry while encouraging fun and participation.

This sport is much like synchronized swimming since the objective is to have all team members perform precisely in unison. Synchronized skating teams skate as a single unit over the entire ice surface to perform a variety of intricate and exciting manoeuvres and formations such as wheels, blocks, circles, intersections, and lines. Spins, jumps, and field moves are also incorporated into synchronized skating programs.

The discipline originated as a drill-team-like event where teams marched in various formations and has evolved to a sport with incredible speed, complicated footwork sequences, creative formations, and deep edges.

Today’s synchronized skaters are also accomplished individual skaters.


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